* App Changelog

Most recent release listed first. Install latest release over previous release should update existing installation saved credentials and settings.

2023-05-25:  v0.9.20.0 – added Bing WebmasterTools and Microsoft Ads connectors.  Now only shows Google Sheets files and folders created with the App (Google permissions restriction).

2023-05-15:  v0.9.19.0 – fixed a problem preventing creation of new Google Sheets folders and files

2023-05-11:  v0.9.18.0 – properly handle internationalization for Google Sheets and user interface (date pickers)

2023-05-09:  v0.9.17.0 – general functionality patches

2023-04-29:  v0.9.16.0 – initial public release; Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search connectors only