Task Pane

The “heart” of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in is the Task Pane, which opens automatically to let you create, run and edit Analytics Edge macros.

Analytics Edge macros are not the same as Excel macros; they are stored in a hidden worksheet and can only be run if the Analytics Edge Core Add-in is installed with the necessary connectors.

When you create an Analytics Edge macro, you must assign it a name. If you do not assign a name (leave the field empty and click OK), then Analytics Edge will assign it the name of the currently selected worksheet cell. This is consistent with how the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in works.

Macro Execution

When a macro runs, progress will be displayed in the task pane, coloring completed functions green and the current function yellow. If you Step through a macro, intermediate step results will be displayed in the temporary AE Step Results worksheet (green background). Clicking Stop or executing a SaveToWorksheet function will remove that temporary worksheet.

Macro Buttons


Macros are selected from the drop-down, and can be run by clicking the Run button. You can also step through a macro one function at a time, or stop a macro in mid-execution. Note that the current step may complete before the execution is stopped.

Changes to macros can be undone (or re-done) for as long as you keep the workbook open. Once you close the workbook, all changes to the macro are saved and previous versions are lost.

The macro can also be renamed or deleted by clicking the appropriate button.

Function Buttons


Individual function steps in your macro can be selected by clicking on them. You can select multiple steps by holding Ctrl or Shift down while clicking, on by click-dragging down a range of functions.

Once selected, functions can be rearranged, edited, deleted, copied or pasted by clicking the appropriate button.

Copy / Paste

You can select any number of function steps and click the Copy button, then select the destination macro and click Paste. You can copy within the same macro, within macros in the same workbook, and even between macros in different workbooks. Note: the destination macro must exist before you start the copy/paste operation. If the Paste button does not appear enabled when you switch to the destination macro, try re-selecting that macro in the drop-down selector.