Schedule Refresh

schedule-refresh-2This Analytics Edge wizard helps you to schedule unattended refreshes for the workbook you have open.

Conditions required for the refresh to occur:

  • your computer must be turned on
  • you must be logged in (screen lock/screen saver is ok)
  • the Analytics Edge Core Add-in must be enabled and licensed in Excel
  • the workbook must be available but not opened

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in includes a Scheduled Refresh that can be used to trigger unattended refreshes of specific workbooks. The Scheduled Refresh runs on your computer (not a server), so your computer must be turned on for it to work.

Only one schedule can be created per workbook. If you open the Schedule Refresh wizard from a workbook that already has a schedule, the wizard will edit the existing schedule.

Abort Refresh after # minutes

The scheduler will wait a period of time to allow a scheduled refresh to complete and prevent other refreshes from running. You can specify how long the scheduler should wait before abandoning the process and starting another refresh.

One-Time Refresh

Select the One Time radio button, select the First Run At date and time for the refresh, and click the Set button.

Daily Refresh

To refresh at a specific time every few days, select the Daily radio button, and enter the number of days between refreshes (every day = 1; every second day = 2). Select the First Run At date and time for the refresh, and click the Set button.

Weekly Refresh

To refresh on specific days of the week, select the Weekly radio button, select the days you want the refresh to occur on and the number of weeks between refreshes (e.g. every second Tuesday). To select multiple days, hold the Ctrl-key down while clicking on the days. Select the First Run At date and time for the refresh, and click the Set button.

Monthly Refresh

To refresh on a monthly basis, select the Monthly radio button, and select the months desired. If you want specific days of specific weeks of the month, select the ‘on’ radio button, select the weeks and days desired.

If you want to refresh on a specific day of the month (2nd of the month, every 3 months), then select the ‘days’ radio button and select the days desired. Hold the Crtl-key down to select multiple days or months.

Select the First Run At date and time for the refresh, and click the Set button.

Other Scheduled Refreshes

Any number of workbooks can be scheduled, and they can be managed individually from the Schedule Refresh wizard when the workbook is open. You can also launch the Schedule Manager to see all scheduled refreshes.

You may discover that the scheduled refreshes are trigger via the Windows Task Scheduler. If you manually edit the entries in the Task Scheduler directly, they may not run correctly.