Save/Email PDF

save-email-pdfThis wizard lets you save an Adobe PDF copy of the Excel workbook and optionally email it to someone.

You can save the copy to the same folder as the original file, to the default report folder, or to a custom folder location.The default report folder is shared across all macros, and would server as a single location to find updated reports, especially useful for those generated by a scheduled refresh.

The file name can be the same as the original with the current date appended to it, or you can assign a custom file name to be used. With the custom option, you can also have Analytics Edge dynamically add the current date to the file name, automatically preserving previous versions.

Emailing reports requires you to configure your email server in the FileOptions wizard.

To send the report via email, check the Send Email box and enter the email addresses of the recipients (separated by commas). Enter a subject and optional message text. You can also receive a copy of your own by checking the Bcc me box. Note that creating or stepping through the macro will NOT send emails, allowing you to test the macro without annoying recipients.