Run Macro Function

This wizard allows you to run Analytics Edge macros in the same workbook whose names start with an underscore (_).

It also allows you to call an Excel VBA macro from inside an Analytics Edge macro.

You can also run Windows programs from your macro.

Analytics Edge Macro – you can ONLY select from Analytics Edge macros that start with an underscore (e.g. “_setup”). These macros will NOT run when you click the Refresh All button, nor during a Scheduled Refresh. They can only be run manually or when called by this function.

If you are a programmer, you can think of these underscore-named macros as subroutines or methods. Note that each macro starts ‘clean’, knowing nothing about the macro that called it, so you need to pass values through a worksheet — one macro writes to a worksheet and the next macro reads the values it needs from that worksheet.

Excel VBA Macro – this option lets you run an Excel VBA macro as part of an Analytics Edge refresh.

Windows Command – this options lets you run Windows programs as part of your Analytics Edge macro. Note: to run a Windows command, use the filename cmd.exe and start the arguments with /C so the command window will run and terminate.

Updated for v9.4.