Adding Connectors

Connectors are installed from inside the Add-in itself — in Excel, on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, click the License button. All premium connectors are automatically licensed for 30 days, no payment required.

The License wizard shows the current status of all installed and available connectors. The add-in itself is listed at the top, followed by all of the connectors. If a connector has been installed, the installed version is shown. If there is an update available, the latest version will be shown in the Available column. To add a connector that has not yet been installed, select the connector from the list and click [Add] — a pop-up dialog will display details of the connector release.

Activating a Connector

The connector should automatically activate a 30-day license. Open the License wizard to confirm the status of the connectors. If there was a problem with the automatic activation, you may need to manually activate it. Simply click the Refresh button beside the connector’s License Key.

Note that if your trial period has expired, you will need to purchase a new license key. Enter the new license key to activate it.


Uninstalling Connectors

If you no longer want to use a connector, you can uninstall it by clicking the entry in the License wizard, then clicking the Uninstall button. After you restart Excel, you may be asked if you want to removed all previous versions of the connector as well.