Refreshing Queries

2020-01-25 The Analytics Edge Basic Add-in has been merged into the Analytics Edge Core Add-in (Free license option). The Basic Add-in itself has been discontinued and is no longer available.

In Excel, on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, click the Refresh All button to refresh all of your queries in the workbook.


Refresh All

By clicking the Refresh All, the queries on every worksheet in the workbook will be refreshed in order, top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

Refresh Current Query


To refresh only one query, select the worksheet cell where the query is based and click the Refresh > Current menu item from the drop-down below the Refresh All button.

Refresh Selected Queries

If you want to select which queries to refresh, click the Refresh > Selected menu item from the drop-down on the Refresh All button. In the dialog that opens, select the queries you want to refresh and click OK.

Excel Pivot Tables

By default, the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in will automatically trigger a refresh of all Excel Pivot Tables in the workbook after a Refresh All has completed. This helps to keep your analysis up-to-date with fresh data.