* Analytics Edge Basic Add-in

2020-01-25 The Analytics Edge Basic Add-in has been merged into the Analytics Edge Core Add-in (Free license option). The Basic Add-in itself has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Basic Add-in Operation

  • Select a cell for your query results.
  • Make a query.
  • Select the cell and click Edit Query to change your query.
  • Copy the cell to copy the query.
  • Refresh All refreshes all queries in the workbook.


Start Excel, navigate to the Analytics Edge ribbon bar, and click the Register button.

Accept the Terms of Use, and click the Activate Free License button. OPTIONAL: Enter your email address to make it easier to reset or transfer your product licenses. More->


Analytics Edge installs the Free Google Analytics and Free Social Shares connectors by default, but you can install and use any of the other Analytics Edge connectors for free for 30 days. Simply open the License wizard from the Analytics Edge ribbon bar to see the connectors available, click on the one(s) you want, and click Install. More->


Each connector is a little different, but almost all require that you add an account before you can make a query.  See the connector help documents for details.

Google Analytics | Google Search | Google AdWords | Bing Ads | Facebook AdsFacebook Insights


  • Select a cell
  • Make a query
  • Repeat

You can place queries on the same worksheet or different worksheets, and repeat as often as you need*. Change the data you download, the accounts you select, and even the connectors you use. Click Refresh All to re-run all your queries.

* while Analytics Edge does not impose any restrictions on the number of queries you can make, Google, Facebook, Bing and other sources typically do. In normal usage, they should not be a problem.

Edit a Query

You can modify a query by simply selecting the cell and clicking Edit Query. The previous settings are automatically inserted into the wizard, and you can make changes easily. Click Finish to run and save your updated query.

Edit Mode

If the Edit Mode is ON, a comment will be placed in the cell as a reminder of the query location. While you are building your workbook, keep the Edit Mode ON. When you copy or move any of those cells (comments), the add-in will keep the queries in sync with the new cell locations.

When you are finished with changes, turn the Edit Mode OFF. The Edit Mode can slow down Excel while it is on, especially in larger workbooks.

Note: the comment contains a pointer to the query. With the Edit Mode ON, you can copy or move the comment within the same workbook and you will copy or move the query.

Format Your Results

The results are automatically written to the worksheet, overwriting any previous content but the formatting will be unchanged. You are free to put your own personal look to the data. You can even format the entire result set as an Excel Table. More->

Mind the Gap

Since some queries can change the number of rows or columns returned between refreshes, the Add-in will clear the previous ‘block’ of data before writing new results to the worksheet. Keep an empty column and row between your query results and other things on your worksheet, or the Add-in may wipe out more than you expected when you refresh. More->

Refresh All

You can add as many queries to your worksheet as you want. Click Refresh All to re-run all the queries in the workbook. They will refresh in order: top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

Cut, Copy and Paste

If you want to copy/paste or move any of the queries, simply turn on the Edit Mode and copy or move the comments. If you want to copy or move the query to a different worksheet or workbook, the Edit Query button has a drop-down menu with Cut, Copy and Paste functions. To delete a query, use Edit Query > Cut.