Edit Mode Help

2020-01-25 The Analytics Edge Basic Add-in has been merged into the Analytics Edge Core Add-in (Free license option). The Basic Add-in itself has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The Basic Add-in has an ‘Edit Mode’ that places Excel comments (little red triangles) where your queries or cell references are located. These comments are used to keep the queries in sync with changes you make to the workbook, like renaming worksheet tabs or inserting rows.

Editing the Worksheet (Edit Mode On)

If you are going to move things around on your worksheet, rename a worksheet, or insert rows or columns, turn the Edit Mode ON first. After any worksheet change, be sure to select a worksheet cell¬†after the change, and check the comments to make sure that the add-in has re-synchronized them to point to the new cell locations. The comment should contain the new cell location. Do NOT change the comments yourself — the add-in needs to do that to keep things aligned.

Turning Edit Mode Off

While Edit Mode is on, the add-in will intercept and process every click you make into the worksheet, looking for changes. This will slow things down in larger workbooks. Turn Edit Mode OFF when you are finished moving things around. It is not necessary to have Edit Mode on to Refresh a workbook, only if you want to move a query or cell reference to a different location or change worksheet names.