The Analytics Edge Google AdWords Connector provides access to all the reports available from the AdWords API. When you open the Reports wizard, you will see a number of tabs: Reports, Fields, Filters, Dates and Sort.


The Reports tab organizes the available reports in a similar fashion to the Google AdWords web interface, with the side tabs and selection buttons.

Starting in v3.7.1, Accounts and Customer IDs can use Excel cell references or manually entered values. Customer ID’s can also use Analytics Edge [Range] names to perform multi-customer queries similar to the Google Analytics’ connector’s multi-view queries.

Reports Sub-menu

Down the left hand side, you will see some side tabs that group reports similar to those available in the Google AdWords web interface, including the Main Tabs, Settings, Ad extensions, Dimensions, Display Network, Shared Library, and Other.

When you select a report, the default Fields and Filters will be automatically selected on the other tabs, so you can simply click Finish to get a default report. You can modify those selections if you want.

For the Dimensions reports, you can also select the Level of Detail using one of the three buttons at the bottom.