Free Versus Premium Licenses

Yes, the Simply Free (Basic Add-in) license still exists, and it includes the Free Google Analytics connector — it has been embedded into the Core Add-in.

The Analytics Core Add-in v7 has both Free and Premium license options, and you can switch back-and-forth between them easily. When installed, the Core Add-in will automatically activate the free license and start a 30-day trial of the premium license. You can see the currently selected License type when you open the License Wizard (click the Register/License button on the ribbon bar). Switching between License Types is as easy as clicking the other option.

Premium Add-in License

The Premium license provides access to all of the add-in macro and quick query functionality. A premium license entitles you to confidential email support, and there are a wide range of helpful articles and free sample reports available on the help web site.

Features enabled with a premium license include:

  • Scheduled report refreshes; run all your reports overnight!
  • Analytics Edge macro support; eliminate formulas and manual steps!
  • Quick Query functions wizard; the functions you need most, fast!

The Premium add-in license is started automatically with a 30-day trial period. When it expires, you will need to either enter a paid license key or switch to the Free License Type. Note that switching to the Free license will disable the premium features, so any reports you have built will be affected if you used those premium features. (see below)

Note that premium connectors are installed and licensed separately — they are not included with the premium add-in license.

Free Add-in License

When you select the Free license type, the add-in will disable the scheduled refresh, macro functionality and the quick query function options. Quick queries will still run, but the extra functions (like pivot, arrange, sort and filter) are no longer available. When the function wizard appears, simply click the big Write to Worksheet button to complete your query. This is equivalent to the old (free) Basic Add-in.

Switching from Premium to Free License

If you have created reports while using the Premium license trial, and you switch to the Free license after it expires, you should watch for the following effects:

  • if you scheduled any refreshes, they will no longer work.
  • if you created any macros, you will be notified when you open the workbook that your license does not support them.
  • if you used any premium functions in your quick queries, you will be warned about this — edit the query to remove the extra functions.