Workbook may contain Analytics Edge macros

if you get the popup error:
Workbook may contain Analytics Edge macros that your license can’t access
Workbook contains Analytics Edge macros you cannot run without a Premium license

This message appears in the Analytics Edge Core Add-in when it is using the Free License and you open a workbook that contains Analytics Edge macros. Those Analytics Edge macros can only be accessed and run with a Premium License, so the warning message pops up to let you know. Many of the free report workbooks in this web site use Analytics Edge macros to perform the extra automation steps needed for the report. if the report title includes the term (Core) or (Premium), it means that the Premium license is required to refresh the report.

The Free License option allows you to run Quick Queries that can download data to your workbook, but it cannot access the more powerful automation capabilities of the Analytics Edge macros.