Basic, Standard, Core Add-in Compatibility

Analytics Edge add-ins are designed to be compatible with each other, so you can create a workbook with the Basic Add-in and refresh it with the Standard or Core Add-in. It is actually possible to create workbooks with the Core or Standard Add-in that can be refreshed with the Basic add-in BUT you can’t use any of the exclusive functions only available in the higher add-in.

Analytics Edge Basic Add-in <-> Standard Add-in

If you have upgraded to the Analytics Edge Standard Add-in, you can still emulate the behavior of the free Basic Add-in AND produce compatible workbooks!  Quick and Easy! Simply do NOT use any of the Pivot, Arrange, Sort or Filter options available only in the Standard Add-in.

Analytics Edge Basic Add-in <->  Core Add-in

Stepping down from the Core Add-in is also possible, but there are more restrictions: macros must be named for the target cell that the results will be written into. Start just like you would with the Basic Add-in: select the cell where you want the results of a query to go. Then create your query — with the Core Add-in, you are asked for a name for the macro you are about to create…do Not enter anything, just click OK!


The macro will be named after the worksheet and cell you have selected [that is how the Basic and Standard Add-ins work behind the scenes].

The query wizard will open and you can select the options for your query. Click Finish to run the query and display the results. Note that the Core Add-in creates a temporary worksheet to display your results — it doesn’t commit them directly to a worksheet just yet. That would let you manipulate the data with the powerful analytics functions before dumping it to the worksheet.

The Basic Add-in doesn’t have any other functionality, so all it can do it dump to the worksheet at your selected cell. The Core Add-in can emulate this simple step by selecting File > Write to Current Cell.


And that’s it! You have now created a Basic Add-in compatible query.

Analytics Edge Standard Add-in <->  Core Add-in

Similar to the Basic Add-in, the Standard Add-in always names its macros with the target worksheet/cell location — just click OK for the new Core macro name to use that default!

The Standard Add-in has several other functions available, and you can use the equivalent Core Add-in functions, in the same order (Pivot, Arrange, Sort, Filter, Write To Worksheet). Just don’t use any of the advanced features only found in the Core Add-in, such as the special pivot by date capabilities.