Using the Moz API without the Pain

If you have looked at the Moz (formerly SEOMoz) API with the thought of automating your downloads, you were probably overwhelmed with the effort required. Even if you use the free SEOgadget for Excel, you still have to perform some math (adding “bit flags”) to get the columns you want, and then translate the gibberish column labels you get (like “uu” and “ujid”) to figure out which is which.

Math and translations are things that computers are supposed to do for you, and Analytics Edge brings simplicity to downloading Moz data. The updated Moz connector lets you pick the columns you want without making you talk “API”. Supporting both Free and Paid Mozscape accounts, the connector shows you the metrics available to you and adjusts the API rate limits accordingly.


Use the Moz connector with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in to automate your downloads, or fully automate your analysis with the cost-effective Analytics Edge Core Add-in. Multiple accounts, multiple queries, multiple connectors — Analytics Edge doesn’t limit you.

Download your fully functional 30 day trial today!

Note: remember, if you are going to show your downloaded numbers in public, you need to comply with Moz attribution and branding rules.