Add File Download Link Text/URL To Google Analytics 4

It is easy to get more details about file downloads added to your Google Analytics 4 reports — just add the custom dimensions for the existing event parameters ‘link_text’ and ‘link_url’! The data doesn’t start collecting until you do this, so do it now!

Add A Custom Dimension (Or Two)

For unknown reasons, Google didn’t provide built-in dimensions for many of the existing event parameters that are automatically tracked in Google Analytics 4. If there isn’t a dimension defined, then you can’t include it in a report. The Link Text and Link URL dimensions are a couple you can easily add to get more information about your file downloads. Just create a new Custom Dimension to expose the existing event parameters.

The data starts collecting after you define the custom dimension, so don’t put this step off!

View The Reports

After a day or two, you will be able to click on the ‘file_download’ entry in the Events report, and you will be taken to a detailed report.

In that detailed report, a new panel will appear with the Link Text custom dimension defined earlier. If you also added the Link URL dimension, it will also appear. Note that you can hover over long entries to see the full entry.

File Downloads With The Google Analytics Pro Connector

For Analytics Edge users, you can also create File Download reports using the new custom dimensions — just click the Update button on the Fields tab of the GA 4 Reporting wizard. All your custom dimensions are now available.

Add the new Link Text and/or LinkURL dimensions along with the Event count, and Filter for the Event name of ‘file_download’. You can optionally include the Page that the search started on as well as any other dimensions or metrics (Users?).