Analytics Edge Ribbon Disappearing

Excel caches Add-in entries, and sometimes that cache becomes corrupted. To fix the problem, you need to clear that cache, which cannot be done programmatically (you need to do it yourself).

  1. To start, reboot your computer. This clears any file locks that can prevent the cache from clearing.
  2. Locate the Analytics Edge installation folder. If you used the installer, open a File Manager window and type %appdata% in the address bar at the top.

3. Then navigate to … > Roaming > Microsoft > Addins, and delete the two files:
AnalyticsEdge-32bit.xll   and    AnalyticsEdge-64bit.xll

4. Start Microsoft Excel. You should get a popup error.

5. Navigate to Excel’s File > Options > Add-ins  and click the Go… button.

6. Uncheck and try to check any entries for any of the following if they appear in the list:
Analytics Edge Core Add-in
AnalyticsEdgeAddin Add-in

You should get a popup warning — click Yes to delete the entry.

7. Close and restart Excel. You should get no errors. If you do get an error about an xll file missing, reboot your computer and repeat the above procedure.

8. Navigate to Excel’s File > Options > Add-ins  and click the Go… button. Confirm that the entries unchecked in step 6 are missing.

9 If everything has worked so far, download and run the Analytics Edge installer (or perform a manual installation). If you still have problems, contact support.