Upgrading Connectors

Analytics Edge Connector Upgrades

All Analytics Edge connectors are managed¬†by the add-ins themselves — click the License button on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar to open the License wizard (may appear as “License UPDATE”).

If there is an update available, the new release number will appear in the “Available” column. Click the entry for the connector to get details.


To install the connector, simply click the Install button. You will be instructed to restart Microsoft Excel to complete the process. The new connector version should automatically activate your license for you.

Latest Connector Releases

Description Version Date Whats New
Bing Ads 2017-02-18 Initial release
Bing Webmaster 2015-10-04 General stability update
Constant Contact 2016-03-09 No longer requires API key
Facebook 2016-12-05 Ignores post does not exist errors; raised post limit to 4000
Facebook Ads 2017-06-21 Added Custom Conversion metrics; fixed duration checkbox problem on edit
Free Google Analytics 2017-04-28 Updated metrics and dimensions
Free Social Shares 2016-08-19 Facebook counts no longer available
GA Management 2015-10-04 General stability update
Google AdWords 2017-06-09 Updated to API v201705; added new metrics; fixed Start/End time display
Google Analytics Pro 2017-04-28 Updated metrics and dimensions
Google Search 2017-05-18 Allow cell references for Site Admin queries;removed error when no data for dates used
MailChimp 2016-12-02 BREAKING CHANGE update to v3.0 API; updated help links
Moz (SEOMoz) 2017-01-25 General stability update; fixed error messaging
Salesforce 2017-01-03 Fixes a problem with token refreshes; utf-8 character errors
Shopify 2015-10-05 General stability update; patched date handling problems