Upgrade Standard Addin

Analytics Edge Standard Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Core Add-in is v3.4.1.0, released 2018-05-16. To upgrade, simply download and run the installer:


Your License and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v3.4.1

  • Added support for new Edit Mode for worksheet editing.
  • Fixed Edit Query button being enabled at wrong times.

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge paid products are supported by direct, confidential email. If you encounter a problem or have any feedback, please email support@analyticsedge.com

Previously in v3.3

Fixed a problem causing errors with new Accounts.

Previously in v3.2

Fixed a problem affecting moved cell references.

Previously in v3.1

Stability updates. Fixed a problem with moving or copying queries. Fixed a problem that caused Account wizards to force a login.

Previously in v3.0

All new — comments can be turned on/off. Moving comments will adjust cell references and query locations. Copying comments will copy queries. Query worksheet is available (Show/Hide) and can be manually edited. Now preserves formula columns in Excel Tables (to the right of data). Fixed problems with 4k screens and tiny fonts.

Previously in v2.1

Fixed a problem limiting output to 16,384 rows.

Previously in v2.0

Added Append to Worksheet functionality. Added ability to sort and filter by column position or name. Fixed a number of problems affecting proper operation during refresh. Fixed a problem affecting refreshes from VBA or worksheet buttons.

Previously in v1.6

Fixes a problem affecting some copy/paste operations. New Terms of Use reflecting change of ownership to Analytics Edge Inc.

Previously in v1.5

Fixes a problem with upgrading some connector files (specifically Bing Ads). Improved support for empty columns.

Previously in v1.4

Fixed a problem with failing to clear empty columns. Fixed recalculation after writing to worksheets.

Previously in v1.3

Fixed a problem with expired trial licenses locking the license wizard. Improved handling of licensing problems; auto-renewals after Windows Updates. Improved handling of file-not-found errors in scheduled refreshes.

Previously in v1.2

Pause recalculation during refresh to speed up large worksheet updates. Fixed problems with Free Trial buttons and Account wizards.

Previously in v1.1

Fixed a problem with scheduled refreshes when upgrading Excel. Fixed a problem with the registration wizard when the add-in license needed renewing. No longer creates error message writing to merged cells. Added Schedule Manager and enabled scheduled refreshes
Added ability to run Analytics Edge macros from VBA.