Upgrade Core Addin

Analytics Edge Core Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Core Add-in is v4.2.0.0, released 2017-03-24. To upgrade, simply download and run the installer:


Your License and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v4.2.0.0

  • Fixed a problem in the Combine function for First Non-Blank matching

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge paid products are supported by direct, confidential email. If you encounter a problem or have any feedback, please email [email protected]

Previously in v4.1 and earlier

Fixed a problem with error reporting when merged cells exist in target worksheet range. Fixed some odd behavior with Registration Wizard. Fixed handling of writing no results to an existing table-formatted range. Fixed a problem with Formula columns using column names.Fixed some duplicate criteria appearing in the Filter wizard.

Previously in v4.0 and earlier

Fixes backward compatibility problem with Formula command. Fixes a problem with the Schedule Manager not refreshing properly. New code stream now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. Many fixes to reduce crashes and improve stability. Consolidated add-in and connector licensing. Rewritten scheduler and scheduled refresh handling. Fixed Combine function first/last options. Right-hand task pane (option to make it on the left). Task pane resizes and stays off when turned off.

Previously in v2.24

Fixed a problem causing the ribbon to disappear and scheduled refreshes to lock up. Fixed a problem with sending workbooks by email. Fixed a problem with scheduled refreshes. Fixed some obscure error conditions. Exposed WriteToWorksheet errors (usually regarding merged cells). Fixed preserve formatting when writing to worksheet. Added ‘matches regex’ condition to Filter function. Allowed Read Worksheet to specify range of whole column (e.g. B:B)

Previously in v2.23

Fixed a problem with how the scheduler handles timeouts. Fixed a problem where hidden worksheets could not be selected in several wizards. Fixed problems with scheduled refreshes. Fixed a problem some people had with Google login. Added ability to read a file from the Internet using a direct URL (Read Text File function). Schedule Manager now lets you pick the number of minutes to space apart multiple file refreshes (select multiple files and select Reschedule).

Previously in v2.22

Filter option to stop macro if empty no longers stops calling macros as well. Manage Connectors wizard now shows connector names vs technical names. Fixed a problem with Append to Worksheet not aligning columns properly. Fixed a problem where editing a previously scheduled refresh would duplicate the entry. Made it so that double-clicking edit or delete would not cause problems. Improved problem logging; fixed a problem where Analytics Edge ribbon doesn’t appear

Previously in v2.21

New Manage Connectors wizard manages licenses for all connectors in one place. Manage Connectors button now warns of pending connector license expiry. Connectors should now auto-renew licenses when upgrading to a new version. Fixed pivot table auto-refresh not turning off [2.21.1] Task Pane can now be re-sized wider.

Previously in v2.20

Fixed a problem with the Repeat macro wizard and worksheet selection. Fixed a problem with “Excel cannot accept the data” errors. Added a Comment function for improved macro documentation purposes. Macros can now be stopped if column is missing (Arrange wizard) or if no rows of data (Filter wizard). Patch for Windows 10 fixes wizard buttons being cut off. Repeat Macro properly populates the worksheet-to-be-cleared selection

Previously in v2.19

New Append To Worksheet function appends the current table to the end of data in an existing worksheet. Fixed some quirks when recovering from an Excel crash. Repeat Macro now allows you to clear a worksheet before the first cycle. Repeat Macro now displays a status dialog when running, allowing you to cancel. Arrange wizard, Insert column now permits before or after selected column, and option to populate the new column with a text value. Filter added Stop if empty capability, fixed Not Is Empty criteria, allow no filter expression, fixed remove empty text column option. Task pane highlights the correct function if an error occurs in Step mode.

Previously in v2.18

New option to ignore email smtp server certificate errors. Fixed inconsistencies in handling existing Excel tables in Write to Worksheet function. Filter wizard tolerates empty tables. Schedule wizard now auto-updates existing schedules from previous versions of Excel. Schedule manager properly handles not-yet-run schedules on Windows 10. Improved operation of the aeCoreRefresh executable used by the task scheduler.

Previously in v2.17

Fixed problems refreshing Excel pivot tables when refresh finished, with zip file downloads in proxy environments, erratic Task Pane behavior with multiple workbooks open, and with Repeat Macro reading from worksheets with blank rows. Cancel (stop icon) now properly stops Repeat Macros. NEW Transpose function. Better reporting and options for handling expired connectors, and better handling of merged cells in header rows.

Previously in v2.16

Fixed font scaling problems for Excel 2013/Windows 10. Improved logging of crashes. Fixed a problem with scheduled refreshes of multi-workbook macros.

Previously in v2.15

Improved error logging; auto-renewal of licenses for upgrades

Previously in v2.14

Fixed a problem causing a COM object error. Corrected problem causing DISP error when writing to Excel tables. Changed to user’s browser for help pages. Added ability to specify top node when reading JSON file. Better handling of text-to-date conversions when some cells are blank. Automatically detects add-in components being disabled by Excel and attempts to re-enable them.

Previously in v2.13

Fixed a problem with tables not completely clearing old data. Fixed a problem with hyperlinks in Excel tables. Fixed Write to Worksheet problem when formatting as an Excel table. Auto-detect and correct if add-in components are disabled [2.13.1] patched.

Previously in v2.11

Fixed problem in Combine function using first non-zero numbers option

Previously in v2.10

Arrange, Sort by Name now allows ascending and descending sort by column names. Replace now properly handles empty columns properly. Read Text File now handles files with staggered number of columns. Help button link updated.

Previously in v2.9

Fixed a multi-workbook refresh problem. Fixed a problem with Excel Table formatting. Fixed a problem with text formatting not being cleared on number and date columns

Previously in v2.8

Added Lookup function that allows you to easily lookup values from another table or worksheet. Corrected a problem some people had with Excel Pivot Table refresh after running a macro. Convert function now correctly handles changes to columns when editing. Split columns function properly handles split on last 2 characters. Calculate repeating function now displays empty cells if both cells do not contain numbers and calculation cannot be made. Trial connectors that have expired will automatically be uninstalled. Fixed a problem with the Schedule Manager sometimes displaying a big red X. Fixed the Replace wizard so the Finish button is properly enabled when it should be.

Previously in v2.7

Added a Schedule Manager and made the add-in more tolerant of switching between workbooks while refreshing. Fixed a problem with saving empty tables with table formatting and preventing bad file names from being used in Save/Email Workbook and PDF functions.

Previously in 2.6

Fixed a problem with some queries that use table formatting. Added the capability to refresh macros from buttons on your worksheets. Can now Compare and Combine by row number as well as key column values. Added Compare individual columns capability. Improved Write to Current Cell functionality to make it easier to use.