Upgrade Basic Addin

Analytics Edge Basic Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Basic Add-in is 5.5.0, released 2018-02-20. To upgrade, simply download and run the installer:


Your license and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v5.5.0

  • Fixed a problem causing errors with new Accounts.

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge products are supported — even the free ones! If you encounter any problems or have feedback you’d like to share, post to the Simply Free Support Group.

Previously in v5.4

Fixed a problem affecting moved cell references.

Previously in v5.3

Stability updates. Fixed a problem with moving or copying queries. Fixed a problem that caused Account wizards to force a login.

Previously in v5.2

Now preserves formula columns in Excel Tables (to the right of data). Fixed refresh of Excel Table to stop leaving extra columns. Changed icons on Show/Hide button (again).

Previously in v5.1

All new — comments can be turned on/off. Moving comments will adjust cell references and query locations. Copying comments will copy queries. Query worksheet is available (Show/Hide) and can be manually edited. Fixed a problem with hacked values not being instantly available. Fixed some stability problems with move and copy operations. Fixed problems with moving cell references. Fixed problems with 4k screens and tiny font (license wizard). Fixed scrolling problem in macro selection wizard. Change icons on show/hide button. Fixed a problem with macro picker selections.

Previously in v4.8

Fixes a problem affecting some copy/paste operations. New Terms of Use reflecting change of ownership to Analytics Edge Inc.

Previously in v4.7

Fixes a problem where worksheet names changed (case only) e.g. Sheet1 to sheet1. Fixes a problem with upgrading some connector files (specifically Bing Ads).

Previously in v4.6

Fixed a problem with failing to clear empty columns. Fixed recalculation after writing to worksheets.

Previously in v4.5

Improved handling of licensing problems; auto-renewals after Windows Updates.

Previously in v4.4

Pause recalculation during refresh to speed up large worksheet updates. Fixed problems with Free Trial buttons.

Previously in v4.3

Fixed a problem with the registration wizard when the add-in license needed renewing. No longer creates error message writing to merged cells. Fixed a problem with error reporting when merged cells exist in target worksheet range. Fixed some odd behavior with Registration Wizard. Fixed handling of writing no results to an existing table-formatted range.

Previously in v4.2

Fixed a problem affecting some connectors that require access to worksheet data.

Previously in v4.1

New code stream now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. Numerous patches for minor errors. Consolidated add-in and connector licensing. Fixed formatting problems with saving into Excel Tables. Consolidated licensing wizard for add-in and connectors.