Upgrade Basic Addin

Analytics Edge Basic Add-in: Simple Upgrade

The latest release of the Basic Add-in is 4.3.0, released 2017-03-23. To upgrade, simply download and run the installer:


Your license and account configuration settings will not be affected.

What’s New – v4.3.0

  • Fixed a problem with error reporting when merged cells exist in target worksheet range
  • Fixed some odd behavior with Registration Wizard
  • Fixed handling of writing no results to an existing table-formatted range

Problems / Feedback

All Analytics Edge products are supported — even the free ones! If you encounter any problems or have feedback you’d like to share, post to the Simply Free Support Group.

Previously in v4.2 and earlier

Fixed a problem affecting some connectors that require access to worksheet data.

Previously in v4.1 and earlier

New code stream now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. Numerous patches for minor errors. Consolidated add-in and connector licensing. Fixed formatting problems with saving into Excel Tables. Consolidated licensing wizard for add-in and connectors.

Previously in v3.8.1 and earlier

Option to delete all previous versions of a connector when Uninstalling. Fixed a problem with sometimes not refreshing Excel pivot tables after a refresh. Fixed a problem affecting connector downloads in proxy-server environments. Clarification that email is optional during registration.

Previously in v3.7.1 and earlier

Automatic license renewals and improved crash reporting. Fixed crash due to empty Excel tables. [ 3.7.1]

Automatically detects add-in components being disabled by Excel and attempts to re-enable them. [3.5.4] Patched [3.6.0]

Fixes a !Product not licensed error after upgrading to Windows 10. [3.5.3]

Better handling of font scaling on some systems. [ 3.5.2]

If you format the results of a query as an Excel Table, a refresh should preserve the table and any references to it. [3.5.1]

Improved some error handling and warns of being in Edit mode before running a query. [ 3.5.0]

Fixed a couple of error conditions that resulted in !b397 errors.

Added ability to restore or delete queries from deleted worksheets. This is in case the queries get out-of-sync with the comments (renamed a worksheet) and you save the workbook in that state.

Fixed intermittent problem when copying some queries. Made sure Refresh All consistently runs macros in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order.

Fixed problems when working on queries and switching between multiple workbooks . Reduced confirmation dialogs to verify query deletions only. Fixed online help links to align with updated help site.

Fixed scenario where a query returns no results so that previous results are removed from the worksheet. Also preserved any table formatting in this scenario.

Simplified moving and copying of queries – Version 3 makes it really easy to copy, move or delete queries — just copy, move or delete the comments in your worksheet.  To copy or move between workbooks, use the Edit Query – Copy/Cut and Paste

Notice of add-in upgrades available – the add-in will check weekly for new connector updates, important notices, and add-in updates. You will see it all from the ribbon bar.

Simple upgrades – upgrading the add-in no longer requires an uninstall first; just run the newest installer and restart Excel.

3.0.1 patch fixes a problem with preserving table formatting when refreshing.