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Spam sources appearing in Google Analytics in 2016

If you have Google Analytics, you have referral spam (and language spam, landing page spam, and even keyword spam). I will make it go away! I install and maintain the filters you need to keep spam out of your reports. I will even send you a custom segment you can use to clean up your existing Google Analytics reports. Includes protection from language spam, event spam, landing page spam, and plain old referral spam.


FAST: Results usually in the same day. I will analyze the traffic to your website and identify valid host names and spammy crawlers, then build the filters and advanced segment appropriate for your website.

SAFE: I will not put your website data at risk. I will create an Unfiltered view before I apply any filters. I will install the filters into a new Test view, so you can see exactly what the impact of the filters will be. After a week of testing, I will apply the filters to your main view (usually called All Web Site Data).

PERSONALIZED: This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution — I review your website configuration and make sure everything will work for you. Multiple domains, ecommerce, and/or call tracking events all have subtle requirements that need to be taken into account when filtering traffic.

EXPERIENCED: I coined the term “ghost visit” and wrote the Definitive Guide to Removing All Google Analytics Spam and have updated it regularly since January 2015. I have helped thousands of people eliminate the spam from their Google Analytics accounts, and I can help you!

TRUSTED: Michael-Sullivan-150x150My identity and contact information is no secret. Check me out on Google: “Mike Sullivan Analytics Edge”. Read my LinkedIn profile. Send me an email; ask me questions. This is my business. This is what I do.

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Real traffic from real websites — orange: with spam, blue: without spam.