1 Core Add-in Orientation

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in is simply different — it is designed to make it easier (and a lot faster) to refresh an Excel report, so it is worth taking a few minutes to see how it works before you dive in. 


The Analytics Edge ribbon bar is the command center for the Core Add-in.  From here you can refresh your report, manage Quick Queries, select functions to add to a Macro, and manage the optional connectors. You can also check or update your licenses, and schedule workbook refreshes.



The Core add-in supports the same Quick Queries as the Standard and Basic Add-ins — simply select a worksheet cell and start a Quick Query [close the Task Pane to work on Quick Queries]. The results will be placed into the worksheet at the cell you selected. Quick Queries can be edited by selecting the cell and clicking the Edit Query button.

For more complex analysis like combining queries or performing calculations, you can create Macros of queries and functions. Macros are managed on the Task Pane.  When you click Refresh All, the add-in will run all the Quick Queries and then all the Macros.



The Task Pane is used to manage the macros in your workbook. Individual functions in your macros can be reordered, edited, and deleted. ref: Task Pane

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in works like a macro recorder, with every Function or Connector operation recorded automatically in the Task Pane. Analytics Edge macros are not the same as Excel macros; there is no programming involved. Every step is created and edited with a Function wizard. ref: see the video


ᴁ Step Results WORKSHEET

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in processes your query in memory until you are ready to write the results to a worksheet. As you build or edit a quick query or macro, the results up to that point are displayed in a temporary worksheet,called “ᴁ Step Results”, colored with a green background to be easily recognized. When working with large amounts of data, the temporary worksheet only shows a sample of the actual data to keep things speedy. ref: Active table in memory


Quick Queries provide a subset of functions you can apply before writing to the worksheet. ref: Functions Wizard The last step in a macro is usually a Write to Worksheet command. This lets you modify the results of the query using other Analytics Edge functions before you write it to your report. ref: WriteToWorksheet



orient-accountsMost Analytics Edge Connectors require some configuration. The Accounts wizard lets you create and save your login credentials, as well as set any other connector options.

Your account credentials and configuration options are stored in your computer, not in the workbook or macro. Analytics Edge servers are NOT involved in your queries and do not have access to your credentials.

There are some special considerations if you want other people to refresh your workbooks. ref: Sharing workbooks



Analytics Edge has a variety of connectors available. You install, update and uninstall the connectors using the License wizard. Some connectors are free, and all of the rest can be used free for 30 days. They are all fully functional; there is no limited ‘trial mode’.


To install a connector, simply click on the entry in the wizard, then click the Install button. You will be told to Restart Excel for the change to take effect.




That is just a quick overview of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. Online help is available for each function as well as how-to articles and tutorials. There are even free reports to get your started quickly. At any time, feel free to contact support@analyticsedge.com for assistance — confidential email support is available with all paid products, even during the trial period.