Cohort Analysis by Source

Core Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
googleanalytics-gohort-analysis-by-sourceThis free report demonstrates how easy it is to use the Analytics Edge Core add-in and Google Analytics Connector to perform a dynamic cohort analysis in Excel.

Its shows the number of sessions (visits) by source for the date range, plus how many of those sessions came from visitors whose first session on your site was in each of the past 6 months. Quickly see which sources people are using to return  to your site again and again.

Easily modify the report to show traffic by Landing Pages, Countries, or Languages. Change the metric to see conversions, revenue or other measure.

The date range for the report can be entered directly on the report worksheet, with the individual cohort labels and date ranges defined on a supporting worksheet.

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-Cohort-Analysis-by-Source-1-0.xlsx

This workbook requires the Analytics Edge Core Add-in v 1.4 or higher, and the Free or Pro version of the Google Analytics Connector v1.7.3 or higher.