Adding Queries

With the Analytics Edge Standard Add-in and optional Connectors, you can automate the download of data from a number of sources directly into Microsoft Excel worksheets. You can mix queries from multiple sources, and use different accounts for each query if you want; Analytics Edge makes it easy to refresh them all with a single click.

Here is a simple example of adding 2 Google Analytics queries to a worksheet. [images of Basic Add-in shown; Standard Add-in works the same]



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If you haven’t already logged in to the Google Analytics connector, you need to set up an account to use (see Accounts).

Make Your First Query


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Click on the Excel worksheet cell where you want your query results, and create a new Google Analytics query (see Your First Query).

See The Results


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The results will appear in the worksheet at the cell you had selected. Note there is a comment on the cell to remind you of the location of the query. Do NOT remove the comment or you will delete the query.

Make Another Query

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Select a different cell to place the second query.

Create the new query and see the results in your worksheet.