Connector Installation

Installation of an Analytics Edge Connector

Analytics Edge connectors require either the free Basic Add-in or the full-featured Core Add-in to operate. The instructions below detail how to install, upgrade or uninstall connectors from either add-in.

Anti-virus program preventing connector installation? See Manual Connector Installation below!

Basic Add-in

With the Basic Add-in, all available connectors are shown in the ribbon bar. Installed connectors appear in a group in the middle titled “Connectors”, and all other connectors available appear in the “Notices/Free Trials Available” group at the right. To install a new connector, simply click the button to open the install wizard (see below).

Core Add-in

With the Core add-in and previous versions of the Basic Add-in, get the list of available connectors by clicking the Manage Connectors button on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar in Excel.


connectors-wizardThe Manage Connectors wizard will open, showing a list of the currently installed and available connectors. If an upgrade is available, you will see both the version of the installed connector and the newest version available. To see details of a specific connector release, click the listing (any column).


Install or Upgrade a Connector

Details about the connector release will appear in the install wizard. The Core Add-in will always show the most current releases available. The Basic Add-in updates weekly, but you can get the most recent information by opening (and closing) the Check License wizard, then restarting Excel.

To install a new connector or upgrade to a new release, click the Install button. You will be notified that you need to restart Microsoft Excel for the changes to take effect. In the Core Add-in, if you want to install other connectors, click the < Back button and repeat these steps. Restart Excel when you are done.


Uninstall a Connector Release

With the Basic Add-in V2 and higher, click the connector’s ribbon button and select the License menu, then click Uninstall.

With the Core Add-in, to remove a connector, click the Manage Connectors listing as before, and then click the Uninstall button. Restart Excel for the change to take effect. Note that if you have upgraded a connector, the old release will be restored when you start Excel. To remove that release as well, repeat these steps.


Manual Connector Installation

Sometimes antivirus software will prevent the connectors from downloading the files. If you can’t pause of temporarily turn off the anti-virus, then try running this installer:


Contact [email protected] if you still have problems.

Still Not Successful? 

Get the latest connector files from support, and put them into your add-in installation folder. Normally it would be in a folder similar to:

The AppData folder may be hidden on your system; if it is, type the path into the Windows Explorer address bar (click on the breadcrumbs, and it will change) like this:


Take the files sent to you via email and copy them into the Addins folder. If you were sent .zip files, unzip (expand) the contents into the Addins folder. Note: ignore the AnalyticsEdge folder you may see there. Start Excel and you should see the connectors on the Analytics Edge ribbon bar.