7 Day Cohort Analysis

7-day-cohort-analysisThis free Excel report from Analytics Edge works with the free Basic Add-in and Google Analytics connector to mimic the 7-day Cohort Analysis report provided in Google Analytics. More

Cohort Analysis by Source

googleanalytics-gohort-analysis-by-sourceThis free report demonstrates how easy it is to use the Analytics Edge Core add-in and Google Analytics Connector to perform a dynamic cohort analysis in Excel. More

Collection of Top Reports

googleanalyticsoccamsrazorreportsThis free Analytics Edge workbook includes a set of reports inspired by an entry in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery by Avinash Kaushik*. More

Desktop Screen Resolution/Browser Size

DesktopScreenResolutionThis free report presents the Google Analytics screen resolution (or the new browser size) dimension the way it should be — showing the percentage of website users served by various combinations of screen widths and heights. More

Frequency and Recency Report

FrequencyAndRecencyThis free Excel report includes all the formulas and conditional formatting needed to reproduce the Google Analytics Frequency and Recency reports. More

Google Analytics Summary

google-analytics-summaryThis free Google Analytics Summary Excel Report is refreshed in seconds using the Analytics Edge Connector for Google Analytics. More

Sampling-Free Annual Report

google-analytics-annual-reportThis free report demonstrates how easy it is to use the Analytics Edge Core add-in and Google Analytics Connector to create an annual report that avoids Google Analytics data sampling errors. More

SEO Combination Report

ga-gwt-moz-reportThis free workbook uses the Analytics Edge Connectors for Google Analytics, Google Search, and Moz to combine key SEO metrics for your top 100 web pages. More

Visits by Medium Trend

google-analyt-cs-visits-by-mediumLet Analytics Edge do your work for you with this free report. Automatically download your Google Analytics data and transform that raw data into meaningful information. More

WTF is Happening to My Traffic?

googleanalytics-wtfJoe Kelly of Workshop Digital created this custom dashboard to easily analyze what is causing organic search traffic to decline, and I adapted it to work with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in. More