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WTF is Happening to My Traffic?

googleanalytics-wtfJoe Kelly of Workshop Digital created this custom dashboard to easily analyze what is causing organic search traffic to decline, and I adapted it to work with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in. Just enter your Google Analytics view ID number and refresh.

The dashboard will help you see:

  • If you’re losing organic visibility in a specific city where you previously dominated
  • If there’s a high probability that top landing pages lost valuable organic positions
  • If the drop in organic traffic is impacting conversion metrics
  • If other traffic sources are down, which can help identify the impact of other marketing channels
  • If the drop in traffic is specific to a device type

Read the original Workshop Digital blog article with a Google Sheets version.

Download the workbook:

Web vs Image Search Clicks

Basic Add-in, Google Search Connector
webmastertools-web-image-comparisonThis free workbook uses the Analytics Edge connector for Google Search to download your website search query performance for the past month, and compares the clicks coming from web search to those from image search.

Download the workbook: GoogleSearch-web-image-comparison-2-0.xlsx

UPDATE: Similar functionality is now available from the Google Search connector v4.0 with a single query:


! Assistance with Custom Reporting !

Standard reports only touch the surface, so people use Microsoft Excel to build customized reporting to show the metrics and performance indicators important to them.

Analytics Edge products were designed to make custom reporting simple. The connectors can download current data, and the wizard-driven analysis functions can extract the key performance measures you need. The process is so fast and so easy, I openly offer to help you with your reporting challenges.

Don’t be afraid to contact me.

Collection of Top Reports

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
googleanalyticsoccamsrazorreportsThis free Analytics Edge workbook includes a set of reports inspired by an entry in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery by Avinash Kaushik*. It can be refreshed with either the Analytics Edge Code add-in or the Basic add-in in combination with the Connector for Google Analytics.

The reports included:

  • All Traffic Sources Report
  • Content Efficiency – Business Analysis
  • Content Efficiency – Technical Analysis
  • Paid Search Report
  • Internal Site Search Analysis
  • Landing Pages Analysis
  • Mobile Performance Analysis

Inspired by: Occam’s Razor Awesomeness

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalyticsOccamsRazorReports-2-0.xlsx

Google Analytics Summary

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
google-analytics-summaryThis free Google Analytics Summary Excel Report is refreshed in seconds using the Analytics Edge Connector for Google Analytics. It includes 4 trend charts for the past 30 days, providing great visual presentation of:

  • visits by continent
  • visits by medium
  • visits by social network
  • visits by device

Click the Refresh All button on the Analytics Edge ribbon and all the queries are updated. No fussing with dates. The report uses standard Excel pivot tables and charts, so after you refresh the queries, you will need to refresh the pivot tables as well (Data ribbon – Refresh All button). You can easily modify it to suit your website tracking challenges.

Download the workbook: Google-Analytics-Summary-2-0.xlsx

Google Analytics Audience Overview

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
google-analytics-audience-overviewThis free Excel workbook provides a quick summary of your website’s audience over the past 30 days, just like in Google’s web interface!

See the trends and totals for all the key metrics of Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Pages/Session, Avg. Sessions Duration, Bounce Rate and % New Sessions. Compare new and returning visitors day by day as well as a summary pie chart.

The bottom section is interactive! Click one of 9 dimensions and see the top 10 items: Language, Country, City, Browser, Operating System and Service Provider. You can even check out the Mobile (and tablet) Operating Systems, Service Providers and Screen Resolutions. Each listing includes a percentage of the total sessions (% of total mobile sessions for the mobile metrics).

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-AudienceOverview-2-0.xlsx

Google Analytics Acquisition – All Traffic

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
google-analytics-acquisition-all-trafficBased on the standard Acquisition-All Traffic report, this free workbook gives you new perspective into where your website traffic is coming from. Refresh in seconds with Analytics Edge.

With interactive Excel features and conditional formatting, you can easily switch between 9 different dimensions and visualize the top key traffic source segments.

Interactive dimensions include: Source/Medium, Medium, Source, Referral Path, Campaign, Social Network, Landing Page, Visitor Type, and the Count of Sessions (visit frequency). Metrics are presented for easy reading, with rates in percent, and times in hours:minutes:seconds format. The main chart is based on an Excel pivot table, allowing you to filter which items are included.

Download the workbook:  GoogleAnalytics-AquisitionAllTraffic-3-0.xlsx (Revenue metrics)

Frequency and Recency Report

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
FrequencyAndRecencyThis free Excel report includes all the formulas and conditional formatting needed to reproduce the Google Analytics Frequency and Recency reports. Use it as part of your dashboard project!

A quick refresh and your website data is presented in an easy-to-understand tabular format, complete with background bar chart-like conditional formatting providing a quick visual reinforcement of the larger numbers.

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-FrequencyAndRecency-2.xlsx

Interactive Behaviour Flow

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
behaviour-flowThis free interactive workbook lets you see the relationships between Sources and Landing Pages from your Google Analytics data. Simply refresh the queries and hover the mouse over any of the Top 10 Sources listed at the left or over any of the Top 10 Landing Pages listed at the right.

Inspired by an E90F50fx blog article.

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-Source-to-LandingPage-Cosmograph-2-0.xlsm

Interactive Analytical Charts

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
interactive-analytical-chartsThis free workbook show how easy it is to mimic the alternating presentations of data as seen in the Google Analytics web interface. Simply click the top radio buttons to switch between table, pie chart (percentage), bar chart (performance) and relative to average (comparison) views.

Inspired by an article from

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-Analytic-Charts-2-0.xlsx

Time of Day, Day of Week, by Device Type

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector
googleanalytics-timeofday-dayofweekThis free Excel report shows the most popular times of day, by day of week, for each device category tracked by Google Analytics: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. It could also be easily adapted to display time-of-day vs day-of-week profiles for other dimensions such as Continent, Medium, of Social Network.

Inspired by a presentation from Gerry White of SiteVisibility

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-TimeOfDay-DayOfWeek-2-0.xlsx

Can be refreshed with the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and connectors.

7 Day Cohort Analysis

Basic Add-in, Google Analytics Connector

7-day-cohort-analysisThis free Excel report from Analytics Edge works with the free Basic Add-in and Google Analytics connector to mimic the 7-day Cohort Analysis report provided in Google Analytics.

Using embedded queries with dynamic segments, the report shows how many of your new website visitors returned to your site over each of the past 7 days.

Use the report as-is to gauge short term campaign effectiveness, or use the technique in your own custom analysis.

Download the workbook: GoogleAnalytics-7DayCohortAnalysis-1-0.xlsx

A companion Help article shows how to make a 12-Month Cohort Analysis and includes a sample report.