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Bing Webmaster Weekly Position

Core Add-in, Bing Webmaster Connector
bw-weeklyThis free Analytics Edge report shows the weekly search page positions for each of your top queries and top web pages. Instantly visualize hot new pages or queries, and see where you are losing ground.

Download the workbook: BingWebmaster-weekly-position-1-0.xlsx

This report can be refreshed with the Analytics Core Add-in in combination with the Analytics Edge Connector for Bing Webmaster. 

Multi-Source Waterfall Report

The wizard-based automation provided by the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Excel makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources. This article explores how you can build a Waterfall Report that includes data from Google Webmaster Tools (now Google Search), Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and an external database. The same techniques can be used to combine data from any number of sources.


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* Bing Webmaster Help

bingThe Bing Webmaster Tools Connector for Analytics Edge makes it possible to download data directly from the Bing Webmaster Tools API into Microsoft Excel. The connector provides access to a variety of data, including Page Traffic, Search Keywords, Inbound Links and Crawl Statistics.

Before you can make a query, you must log in through the Accounts wizard.



accounts Enter a reference name for your account and enter the API key found in your Bing Webmaster Tools interface.

Select the account in the list, select a default web site from the drop down at the bottom, then click the Make Default button to establish a default account.

The default account can be changed in an Analytics Edge Core macro by opening the Accounts wizard while a macro is open in the Task Pane. Select the new account and click Save Default in Macro button.