03 Configure the Connectors

Each Analytics Edge connector has a unique configuration requirement, but most of them use an Accounts wizard. Check the connector’s help page for specifics to the connector your are using.

As an example, for the Free Google Analytics connector, you need to configure the accounts you want to use in any queries.

1. Open the connector’s Accounts wizard

To open the Accounts wizard, click the connector button on the ribbon bar and select Accounts from the drop-down menu.



2. Add an account with a Reference name

Accounts in Analytics Edge are stored using Reference names, not email addresses or real account names. The login credentials are stored on your computer, and the reference name is stored in the workbook with the query. This means you can freely distribute your workbook and your account credentials are never exposed.  Sharing workbooks? 

Enter a reference name and click Add Account, then log in to the account to be used.




3. Set a Default (optional)

Some connectors let you select a default account, and may even let you select default properties to use with that account. Click the Help button on the wizard for the options available.

Select an account in the list, the pick an Account, Property and View(Profile) from the drop-downs at the bottom. Click the Make Default button.

Then Close the wizard.