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ONLINE TUTORIALS  Read explanations of new features and deconstructions of selected free reports. Learn tricks and advanced techniques for use in your own reports.

EXPERT ARTICLES  Read in-depth articles on popular topics like referral spam and misunderstood metrics — expert references to answer your burning questions!

FREE REPORTS Over 100 free Excel workbooks are provided to get you started with Analytics Edge fast! All workbooks are completely open and free.

FUNCTIONS HELP Context sensitive help is provided for all Analytics Edge wizards. Some are further explained by reference articles and free report examples.

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Analytics Edge Basic Add-in

analytics-edge-basic-v2The free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in is an Excel add-in that lets you automate the download and refresh of data from various web services. Getting Started

Analytics Edge Core Add-in

analytics-edge-core-v2The Analytics Edge Core Add-in is an Excel add-in that lets you easily perform complex analysis without complicated formulas and automates those dreaded regular updates. Getting Started

Analytics Edge Connectors

Analytics Edge provides a collection of free and paid connectors for a wide range of services. All connectors are easily installed, upgraded or removed within Excel from either the Basic or Core Add-in.

Google Analytics Spam Filter Service

Read the Definitive Guide on the topic and follow the step-by-step instructions, or let the experts at Analytics Edge install and maintain your Google Analytics spam filters for you.